I’m Going to Make My Own Wedding Cake?



Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved baking.  Maybe it’s because I’m extremely Type-A and I appreciate the precision that baking requires, or maybe it’s because I’m just addicted to Netflix and have seen every currently loaded episode of Chopped, Iron Chef and the Great British Bake Off, but baking has always been a familiar but not too predictable and exciting but not too risky way for me to explore new flavors and bring happiness to everyone I love (really, who doesn’t love when their friend shows up at their apartment with a tin of cupcakes?).

Fast forward, and I’m a 20-something who is almost engaged (my boyfriend and I like to call it pre-engaged). We’re not quite there yet, but I know it’s coming soon and I’ve had to promise myself not to ask my boyfriend any more questions about it, because I know sooner or later I’ll wear him down and I’ll have ruined my own surprise. As we’ve started thinking about what our dream wedding will be like, we had a crazy thought – what if I made our wedding cake?

It is a truly crazy thought, I know. But something inside of me says this is just the challenge for me. I’m confident in my ability to make a decent cake, but even more so, I’m excited for all of the things I’ll gain on this journey. I spend a lot of time on the internet reading other baking blogs and wondering, “wow, how does she know exactly which brand of flour is the best for the texture of a chocolate cake?!” I’m hoping this “challenge” will help me become more in tune with different brands of flour, different oven temperatures, and maybe even help me figure out how to use some more of those fancy and fun kitchen gadgets that Williams-Sonoma is always trying to sell me. Oh – and I hope I’ll be able to make a wedding cake, simple, right?

So… stay tuned for attempt… after attempt… after attempt… after attempt, as I search for the perfect cake recipe, the best temperature to use frosting at, and the most potent food coloring. Cheers!


Pictured above: 
My first attempt, amaretto cream cake with buttercream frosting (September 2017)
Read more about the creation of this cake here

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